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I have worked as a creative and movement director since 2016 in fields of: 

film (feature, short films, music videos)

print (editorials, campaigns, billboards)

live work (theatre, site specific, immersive experiences, events)

My visual identity is high pop art, romantic imagery, symbols, gestures, double meanings, hidden gems. 

I am a mix of extraordinary and the surreal; the physical and the emotional. 

I am inspired by other artists and collaborate with them on creating beautiful, meaningful and timeless work. 

Previous clients:

Vogue, Nike, HBO, A-Cold-Wall, Sky TV and more 

Recent projects: 

Movement Directing - ELDR 

Directing | Choreography - Girl In The Mirror musical 

Characterisation | Styling - SOMA by KWAM 

Movement Directing - Sleep Singing 

Directing - Blue Blood 

If you'd like to talk further, please email

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