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Below you will find essential information about my entrepreneurial ventures. If you are interested in investing or working with one (or both) of them, please use the contact information provided. 

These endeavours are running fully independently, and are backed by passionate individuals who believe in changing the world, one move at a time. 


Founded in 2019, Synchronising is a dance, movement and exercise technique. 

I created Synchronising as response to my professional dance journey.

Traditional training provided me with a stronger physical ability, but there was no technique which would connect to the emotional artistry, and freedom, of movement. 

During my time as a professional dancer I struggled working in the industry, which, almost unanimously, rejected the idea of emotional performance in modern dance. My emotional identity and expression through movement has been rejected by many choreographers, despite being hugely welcomed and admired by audiences.

While working with my own dance company, KAMIENSKI., I invited my dancers to open up their physicality to their emotional capacity, and through this artistic practice Synchronising was born. During the pandemic, Synchronising has become an emotionally important dance practice to many artists, who found release, joy and clarity in times of fear and uncertainty.

With time, the essence and philosophy of Synchronising appeared in my fitness practice. I decided to research how Synchronising influenced and inspired non-dancers - everyday people who were willing to move with their heart. 

The results were magical. With investment, development and dedication, Synchronising has become an exercise method available for everyone.

Synchronising merges training with artistry; it's where movement becomes an experience. 

To Synchronise means to experience the joy moving your body can give you.

To read more about Synchronising, visit

To contact Synchronising, please email


Created in 2023 with co-founder Marta Polak, The Moment Society improves the health and quality of life of corporate and office workers. 

The Moment Society connects directly with the workforce and creates bespoke programs and schedules implemented into the daily agenda of company employees. The Moment Society implements itself as part of the work culture seamlessly, meaning less distracted and healthier employees.

We believe office work shouldn't cost you your health. The Moment Society is backed by science to decrease your work related stress levels, improve your skeletomuscular health and prevent pains and injuries in the future.

We are both incredibly excited about the development of The Moment Society. We are planning on our official service launch in 2024, and in the meantime we are operating an Invite Only model as we develop the organisation. 

To read more, please visit

To contact us, email

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