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News this Month - October, VESI

In ebbs and flows, twists and ripples, this piece explores the idea of water, within our own bodies, in coursing motion and in containment, from source to sea. Through movement in space, the body mirrors the organic movements of nature, distilling the natural formlessness of water into motion; the body as a vessel. In this work, the body acts as a conduit for all that water is to us and around us, and this work is a visual conversation between director and performer. Filmed on locations across London, the artist & performer’s shared relationship to the rugged landscapes & rich histories of Eastern Europe colours this conversation, alongside a soundscape by Pablo Drexler featuring field recordings of the ocean in Northern Spain.

This new video work is called VESI and was performed in the Unsigned Exhibition.

Directed, filmed and edited by Avely Vain

Performed by Andre Kamienski

Music by Pablo Drexler


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