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We have been working hard!

This year has been fantastic for KAMIENSKI. We have produced three new theatrical works, collaborated on site-specific projects in UK and abroad, and got involved in exhibition in commercial work, including our busy run of SYMBIOSIS performances at London Design Festival.

This summer KAMIENSKI. has produced An Evening, A Beginning. - our first fully independent show, a double bill of new works. BED & X is M00n have truly helped define the company and the choreographic style. It has been a tough process, full of ups and downs, but the learning curve and the reception from the audience has been incredible.

As we wrap up this year, there is plenty more still coming. A new exhibition coming in the beginning of December, followed closely by a very exciting collaboration within fashion design.

To everyone involved - thank you. Your contribution to our growth is so appreciated.

We keep on growing, pushing, challenging.

Our journey is magical.



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