Watch the trailer for BED, click here.

Inspired in theme by Tracey Emin's work My Bed, the choreography explores the partnership, connection and intimacy between two people. Exposing what we like to keep private, we invite you to take a peek.

BED dives deep into modern issues of romantic relations. It touches on difficult topics of physical and mental abuse, unconditional, yet toxic love, and really exposes sensitive motives - this is why we decided to transform the performance space into one of the spaces that know us inside out. We were inspired in our philosophy of believing nothing knows us better than our own beds, in which we sleep, love, laugh, cry... our beds know us in our most vulnerable moments.

With intense sounds of strings and piano, and set by designer Afra Zamara, BED creates a haunting aura which brings out most buried and hidden emotions.

"Beautiful and tragic."

"Emotional, cathartic and full of powerful movement. I felt, I cried."

BED was created as part of a double bill An Evening, A Beginning. which premiered in July 2018 at Blue Elephant Theatre, London.

photo Michelle Rose