KAMIENSKI. is a collaborative contemporary arts company, working since 2016.

We create in theatre, film, exhibition, commercial, fashion and visual art.

KAMIENSKI. is led by Andre (art & movement directing) and fueled by artists in performance, photo/cinematography, design, sound composition & fashion.

We thrive in collaborative work & are proud in bringing together a diverse group of artists.

Conceptually KAMIENSKI. focuses on physical experience of an emotional body, unexpected connections and surreal imagery of everyday life.

Exposing what normally is thought to be kept private, we inspire the spectator to leave the mind, wonder and search for answers in tactical ambiguity.

KAMIENSKI. produces movement using human architectural design and physical theatre. The body is exposed, raw, vulnerable, full of psyche. The work is rhythmical and technically precise.

We support ideologies of LGBTQIA+ community. We do not discriminate. We stand with and support equality, diversity, and freedom of identity.

KAMIENSKI.'s focus is fighting specific gender formations in ballet and contemporary dance partnering.

We allow all in KAMIENSKI. to have a chance at being seen as they wish to be seen, and be fairly treated through their own expression and realisation.

For opportunities of performance and class participation, stay in touch on our socials, drop us an email & get in touch. Don't be a stranger.

Collaborations, queries, booking // click here.

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