I am a queer artist working in London, with over 7 years experience in all things movement and creation.

I am inspired by my upbringing, surrealism and the incredible LGBTQIA+ community.

I believe creativity can be tender and unimaginable in perfect duality. My aim is to tell stories, unafraid to allow the spectator to feel, experience and discover. I like to explore the romanticism, nostalgia and bittersweet taste of now.

Andre is a queer, Polish born, London based creative and
movement artist. Apart from working as a freelance dancer, he creates independent and collaborative / commercial work under the name of KAMIENSKI.

With a heavy influence of contemporary art, modern dance and queerness, Andre specialises in collaboratively blending various forms of visual art and movement to deliver work in film, theatre, fashion and print.

Reminiscing on memories of Eastern European upbringing, he focuses on creating surreal imagery of everyday life, emphasising on the physical experience of an emotional body.

The themes of daydream, new age romanticism, tenderness blend with harsh surreality of an interrupted thought. Be curious, take a peek.

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