Hi, I'm Andre. I also go by KAMIENSKI.


I am a queer, neurodivergent creative focusing on art/movement directing across multiple disciplines and I am based in London, UK.


Absorbed in high art and pop culture, I love to blend the extraordinary and the surreal.  Physical and emotional experiences are used as a muse. 


Simple becomes deliciously complicated.

Answers lead to more questions. It’s all blurred memories, bent reflections, and ridiculous phantasmagorias.


My background is stage performance and directing, so I approach my work like a grand spectacle - because art is special, creativity is a wonder and moving people is important. 


Working with others and collaboration is vital to my practice. Great teamwork elevates craft; projects become immersive and absorbing. 


I work with those who need ideas, support and climax for their projects. I’m not afraid of a challenge or uncharted waters; I swim my best when against the current. 


My inspirations are eclectic, often redefined. I don’t let them come cheap, or appear shallow. I know I love what I do, and I’d love to do it with you. 


Let’s dream on.